Bug#983737: open-iscsi: configuration does not finish with sysvinit-core

Ryutaroh Matsumoto ryutaroh at ict.e.titech.ac.jp
Fri Mar 5 03:05:45 GMT 2021

Hi Ritesh,
CC: Debian init-system-helpers maintainers,

Thank you very much for spending your time on investigating this issue.
I wonder if this issue should also be assigned to init-system-helpers package
including deb-systemd-helper, for example, by the following commands

 clone 983737 -1
 reassign -1 init-system-helpers  1.60

Your analysis of this issue seems indicating this is also an issue in init-system-helpers,
though I am unsure. As init-system-helpers is one of very few "essential" packages,
its bug must be identified and fixed before the release of Bullseye, if any.

> @Ryutaroh: Thank you for finding and reporting the bug and having the patience with me. Working on this bug, with you, made me learn a couple of new things. :-)

You are most welcome!

Best regards, Ryutaroh

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