Bug#946645: tmux is killed under gnome3 regardless of KillUserProcesses=no

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Wed Mar 10 20:18:34 GMT 2021

Am 09.03.21 um 03:55 schrieb Russell Stuart:
> I have similar observations to chrysn after starting and detaching a
> tmux session with KillUserProcesses=no (the default):
> 1.  If I do the process in Gnome-3 using gnome-terminal and I log out,
>      wait for a bit and log in (60 seconds is what I used), the detached
>      tmux session is gone.
> 2.  If I do the process in Gnome-3 using gnome-terminal and I log out,
>      and log back in immediately, the tmux session usually survives.
> 3.  If I Gnome-3 using gnome-terminal I run "loginctl enable-linger",
>      do the process above and log out and in, tmux session always
>      survives.
> 4.  If started on a virtual console (crtl-alt-f3), and log out it
>      survives regardless of how long I want before logging in again,
>      and regardless of how many Gnome3 sessions are started and stopped
>      on the same machine.
> I guess a workaround would be to globally set "loginctl enable-linger"
> for all logins but if there is such a setting I can't find it.  (I
> thought KillUserProcess=no was that setting, apparently not, but I'm
> guessing that's because it isn't systemd doing this.)  Alternatively if
> someone can tell me how get Wayland version of KDE to run ...

Laney, Simon, isn't this an issue in gnome-session? WDYT?

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