[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Fixed in upload of sysvinit 2.86.ds1-9 to experimental

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at debian.org
Sun Jan 8 18:02:09 UTC 2006

tag 227540 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 242957 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 344547 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 345267 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 345269 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 345272 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 345273 + fixed-in-experimental
tag 345321 + fixed-in-experimental
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This message was generated automatically in response to an
upload to the experimental distribution.  The .changes file follows.

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun,  8 Jan 2006 18:08:51 +0100
Source: sysvinit
Binary: sysv-rc sysvinit initscripts
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 2.86.ds1-9
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: sysvinit maintainers <pkg-sysvinit-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at debian.org>
 initscripts - Scripts for initializing and shutting down the system
 sysv-rc    - System-V-like runlevel change mechanism
 sysvinit   - System-V like init utilities
Closes: 227540 242957 344547 345267 345269 345272 345273 345321 345370 345719 345968 346139 346415
 sysvinit (2.86.ds1-9) experimental; urgency=low
   [ Thomas Hood ]
   * Split mountdevsubfs out of mountvirtfs and run it at S04 and S37.
     This should not behave any differently, but the split will allow
     packages that futz with /dev to do this at S03.
   * mountnfs.sh: Eliminate unnecessary use of subshell
   * umountfs: Only run umount if there is something to unmount
     (Closes: #345272)
   * urandom: Set PATH so that find can be found  (Closes: #345273)
   * bootclean.sh: Improve, homogenize file deletion code
   * init: 64_init_set_PATH.dpatch: Set PATH if it's unset on re-exec
     (Closes: #345370)
   * init: 65_init_u_in_06.dpatch: Allow 'telinit u' in runlevels 0, 6
     (Closes: #345719)
   * umountroot: Remount ro with -f on GNU/kFreeBSD  (Closes: #344547)
   * checkroot.sh, checkfs.sh: Pause for five seconds if sulogin fails
     (Partially addresses: #337444)
   * Include /var/log/fsck/ in initscripts package  (Closes: #346139)
   * Replace /lib/init/functions.sh with /lib/init/mount-functions.sh
     for use by mountvirtfs and mountdevsubfs
   * various initscripts: Clean up code that reads fstab
   * various scripts: Redirect which program's stderr to /dev/null since
     the GNU version prints an error message when the command is not
     found  (Closes: #345321)
   * /etc/default/rcS: Make VERBOSE and DELAYLOGIN default to "no"
   * /etc/default/rcS: Remove variable descriptions; refer to man page
   * rcS.5: Fix descriptions of variables
   * Remove obsolete docs
   * Make initscripts Depend on mount >= 2.11x-1  (Closes: #345968)
   * Remove obsolete dependencies on bsdutils, coreutils, dpkg, kbd and
     util-linux: the versions in question are older than oldstable, so
     any newly installed system and any system that has upgraded to
     sarge (or even woody) satisfies the constraints.
   * Remove obsolete dependency on the last package: last was forced off
     systems when they upgraded to buzz
   * Add Replaces to Conflicts: mdutils which no longer exists even in
   * initscripts postinst: Remove obsolete GMT-to-UTC code: this
     conversion was performed when systems were upgraded to potato
   * sysvinit: Depend on libc6 rather than Pre-Depending on it; we don't
     do anything special in the preinsts any more
   * Correct documentation of init's -e and -t options
   * Tweak descriptions
   * Add READMEs for remaining runlevel dirs  (Closes: #242957)
   * Previous release also
     closes: #227540 "skeleton: Don't include /usr/local/* in PATH"
     closes: #346415 "mountnfs.sh doesn't work with the "bg" mount option"
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * sysv-rc: Fix some typos in the startpar handling.  (Closes: #345269)
   * Add code to detect and report bad 'exit' calls in init.d scripts,
     if they kill /etc/init.d/rc.
   * Make sure sourcing work with dash /bin/sh, by using 'set $action'
     to pass arguments to the script. (Closes: #345267)
   Thanks to Mark Hatle for help with this release.
 aea286f9fc8da78acfe754be7e63fa09 846 admin required sysvinit_2.86.ds1-9.dsc
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 70228708cffb79f5812240d4039aa5af 116242 admin required sysvinit_2.86.ds1-9_i386.deb
 8d3c3abb167be323fa61681af1be44d5 44252 admin required initscripts_2.86.ds1-9_i386.deb
 6123b80c9419833f9a3c87c52af00096 44504 admin required sysv-rc_2.86.ds1-9_all.deb

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