[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Next release

Thomas Hood jdthood at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 10 09:04:07 UTC 2006

I was going to suggest that we aim for unstable next time.  However,

* Md is going to take advantage of the mountvirtfs / mountdevsubfs split in udev
  and may request some changes; if so then the changes should go through experimental
  so that they can get Md's approval before we release to unstable.  (We don't want
  to subject unstable users to any more of these sorts of changes than necessary.)
* I have just made big changes to bootclean.sh (not to the logic, but I added a lot
  of return status handling) which ought to be tested by a limited audience first---
  given that this is one of the more dangerous scripts on the system.

This makes me think that we should go for one more experimental release; after that
I'll restrain myself so that we can upload to unstable a few days later.

Should we implement #345741 (the INIT_PROG feature) now?

I wonder if we should ask selinux people about it.  If we allow root processes
to change the path for init re-exec, can the admin disable this feature by means of
an appropriate selinux configuration?  I am not saying that such a possibility is a
prerequisite for implementing #345741 but it would be nice if it existed.

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