[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#327865: bootlogd status?

Zlatko Calusic zlatko.calusic at iskon.hr
Mon Jan 16 18:50:52 UTC 2006

Thomas Hood <jdthood at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> Zlatko Calusic wrote:
>> Yes, I think you're right on that one, theoretically! But for some
>> strange reasons openpty() doesn't work well such early in the boot
>> sequence. I think that fact is even documented somewhere in the
>> bootlogd documentation.
> bootlogd.c itself says:
> /*
>  *      For some reason, openpty() in glibc sometimes doesn't
>  *      work at boot-time. It must be a bug with old-style pty
>  *      names, as new-style (/dev/pts) is not available at that
>  *      point. So, we find a pty/tty pair ourself if openpty()
>  *      fails for whatever reason.
>  */
> The statement that /dev/pts is not early when bootlogd is started is
> no longer true if you have udev 0.080-1 and initscripts 2.86.ds1-10.

Well, whats to say. It works _flawlessly_ even without legacy ptys
compiled in. So it seems that #327865 is finally closed thanks to your
good work.

I took the oportunity to browse through the initscript's changelog and
see that you have done an amazing job in the last few versions (6
onward). I'm putting you on the second place of my "greatest debian
developer" list. :) [ and I see a question rising :) ]

Best regards!

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