[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Re: Changing the default of VERBOSE from yes to no?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sat Jan 21 15:28:00 UTC 2006

[Thomas Hood]
> The setting of VERBOSE in /usr/share/initscripts/default.rcS only
> affects new installations, because only on installing Debian anew
> (or after deleting /etc/default/rcS) is /etc/default/rcS copied from
> the latter file.

Which is good, I guess. :)

> People who merely upgrade the initscripts package won't have their
> VERBOSE setting changed.  So the potential for this particular
> change to cause noise was rather limited.  Nevertheless I agree to
> leave the default setting at "yes" for now.

Yes, the noise potential is limited, yes.  Still, the change is
visible to the user, when the user install a new machine, so we should
do it later to get the large list of other changes in without too much

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