[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#349275: Need --oknodo

Thomas Hood jdthood at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 22 12:02:26 UTC 2006

The real problem is that we need an "--oknodo" option (like the one in
start-stop-daemon) in mount so that failures to mount on account of the mount
already having been done, can be ignored.  The current code which ignores return
status 32 when it occurs ORed with 64 is a kludge.

I do not think that we should massively complicate the initscript just so that
we can filter out this bogus failure message.

Now, if I were a younger man I would whip up a patch for the mount program to
implement this.  However, last time I did this was in August 2003 and although
I have pinged the successive maintainers many many times, _that_ patch has
never been applied and I rarely receive replies.  When I do it's "Sorry, I'm
too busy now."

An alternative would be to write a patch and get it into the Debian version of
the mount program.  However, my experience with the Debian maintainer is almost
as bad as with the upstream maintainer.

So _I_ am not going to do anything about this.  Someone else might want to try.
Thomas Hood

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