[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Some remaining work on sysvinit

Thomas Hood jdthood at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 11:14:29 UTC 2006

There are still some bugs in sysvinit that should be addressed.  Please look
for your name below.  :)

# 349984: [Debian GNU/kfreebsd] Cannot update from initscripts 2.86.ds-1.6 to 2.86.ds-1.11

  I know nothing about the hurd.  Can someone please reply to this?

# 349275: mountall.sh: "Mounting local filesystems... failed" when system has only a single partition

  I think that this requires a patch to the mount program so that it will return
  different statuses for "already mounted" and "mount failed".  Anyone disagree?

# 328474: sysvinit: selinux error message at boot time
# 329328: sysvinit attempts to mount selinux when it is not available

  I believe that Ubuntu has added a patch to fix this.  Someone care to investigate?

# 349149: sysvinit: 40_selinux.dpatch printf errors to same console as rest of output

  Pere: Any comment?

# 339850: initscripts: Should check filesystems after an unclean shutdown

  Pere: I added a comment to the bug log.  Your reply?

# 67321: sysvinit: Please provide a way to bypass sulogin in emergency (-b) mode

  Miquel: Can you please reply to this report?

# 181756: sysvinit: init: Please send output to all consoles

  Miquel: What do you think?

# 348172: halt: please spin down SATA disks as well

  Anyone have expertise in this area?

# 337444: initscripts: Boot process does not halt if both fsck and sulogin fail

  Any takers?


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