[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#413443: Init Run Level Change Problem

Ron Kinney ronkin at basicisp.net
Mon Mar 5 03:06:59 CET 2007

Package:  sysvinit_2.86.ds1-38_i386.deb

After booting to runlevel 2 using init 2 in the boot command line, the
init (runlevel) fails to work correctly when changing between runlevels
2 through 5.  I have removed all of the rc#.d scripts and the problem
remains.  Changing from 2 through 5 to 1 seems to work fine except for a
error that says "error: '/etc/init.d/rc' exited outside the expected
code flow."  Changing from 1 back to the other levels 2 through 5 works
fine with no apparent errors.  But when trying to change from level 2 to
level 3 the system hangs until you press a key which returns the
prompt.  But if you use the "runlevel" command you get the indication
that the runlevel has in fact changed from 2 to 3.  However, that is not
the case because the command "echo $RUNLEVEL" indicates that you are
still in run level 2.  In addition, the "bash" command history has not
changed.  So, as I see it, "init" is updating "/var/run/utmp indicating
a runlevel change has happened but it doesn't change the value of
$RUNLEVEL and, in fact, it does not change the environment to a new run
level when changing between levels 2 through 5.  Runlevels 0 and 6 work
as expected.  Since I'm not well versed in script programs I could not
isolate the problem any better than what I have described.

The kernel that I am running is debian-2.6.17 #4 PREEMPT on i686 arch.
My libc6 is version 2.3.6ds1-10

Ron Kinney

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