[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#390404: initscripts: /etc/network/if-up.d/mountnfs does not mount nfs, directory at boot time

Dan Reagan debian.bugs at bytewrangler.com
Fri Mar 16 18:17:54 CET 2007

Just wanted to add that I'm experiencing this issue, or at least one 
very much like it (Apologies if I've picked the wrong bug to reply to, 
there are several bugs with a common theme and I did my best).

I've got two network interfaces, only one of which has access to the NFS 
server. If the interface without access to the NFS server starts first 
the mountnfs script hangs (seemingly interminably but I admit to not 
waiting a *very* long time before killing it).

By starting the interface with access to the nfs server first everything 
is fine. For my setup that was simply changing the one line that auto 
started the interfaces from

  auto lo eth0 eth1


  auto lo eth1 eth0

The machine in question has version 2.86.ds1-38 of initscripts and is 
otherwise up to date in unstable as of this morning (3-16-07).

Hope that helps,


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