Bug#416086: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#416086: symlinks are not removed on uninstall/purge

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh at debian.org
Mon Mar 26 04:21:28 CET 2007

On Sat, 24 Mar 2007, Michael Biebl wrote:
> When deinstalling/purging initscripts, the symlinks in /etc/rcS.d,rc0.d
> and rc6.d are not removed.

Messing with those has a critical effect on the ability to shutdown or
reboot the system.  I don't know if we can change that, even for purging.

> Imo these symlinks should not only be removed on purge but also on
> uninstall. As all files in /etc/ are treated as conffiles, uninstalling

They are configuration data. That *cannot* be removed on uninstall, period.

If a uninstall-install cycle doesn't leave you exactly where you were re.
configuration, a package has a serious bug.

> I expect though, when uninstalling the initscript package, that it is
> not active anymore.

It should not be, and if it is we have to fix that... in such a way that
NONE of the /etc stuff gets removed or modified on uninstall.

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