[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Halting system after checkfs

Malte Forkel malte.forkel at berlin.de
Tue Jan 29 11:08:42 UTC 2008


I have written a small utility that monitors upcoming fscks and attempts to reschedule them, so they don't happen at an unexpected or inconvenient time. Part of my scheme is an option to force the fscks to be performed after the next reboot and then reboot the system instead of just halting it. In that case, I'd like to execute the boot process just up to and including the fscks and then halt the system.

I hope that I can use an initscript to achieve this. But I'm not sure what the proper spot would be and how to prematurely terminate the boot process from within an initscript.

Any advice on whether this is feasible at all and how to do it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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