[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#339955: Bug#513955: debian-policy: do not require /etc/init.d/*.sh scripts to be sourced

Giacomo Catenazzi cate at cateee.net
Tue Feb 3 07:38:02 UTC 2009

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Kel Modderman <kel at otaku42.de> writes:
>> It is the opinion of myself and Petter Reinholdtsen, maintainers of the
>> sysvinit package, that the last sentence of §9.3.1 of policy is no
>> longer relevant and should be removed:
>> """Also, if the script name ends in .sh, the script will be sourced in
>> runlevel S rather than being run in a forked subprocess, but will be
>> explicitly run by sh in all other runlevels."""
>> The reasons for which it should be removed are:
>> * /etc/init.d/rc has not supported this for an extremely long time, probably
>>   never, because the system would be unbootable due to .sh scripts calling
>>   'exit' [0, 1].
> Given this, I definitely agree.  There's no point in having a statement
> like this in Policy when our core packages don't implement it and no one
> has apparently cared.
> Unless someone steps up to say that we should do the work to reimplement
> support for this interface (including fixing all the broken *.sh scripts
> we have now), I think it's obvious we should simply remove it.  There's no
> need to specify things no one uses and clearly can do without.

I agree.
BTW LSB doesn't have such special case, so such
proposal will converge to LSB, which is also positive.


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