[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#516733: The umountnfs.sh script

Baggett Jonas Jonas.Baggett at edu.hefr.ch
Thu Feb 26 17:02:06 UTC 2009


I looked in the umountnfs.sh script. When it is launched with the option start, it does nothing.
In my /etc/rc0.d and /etc/rc6.d it was previously named with an S at the beginning instead of a K which is a bug.
This script unmount the network filesystems with the options -l -f which seems to me to be the best umount options, but it stills hangs 15-20s because it cannot connect to the cifs server.
Why not to make this script check if the network connection is still there, and if it isn't, don't spend time umounting the network filesystems?

By Jonas

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