[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#415482: Bug#415482: initscripts: when will it be solved?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Mon Jun 29 17:02:03 UTC 2009

[Piotr Kaczuba]
> When will this bug be solved? Has anyone looked into this problem? I
> think it's an important enough issue, and after two years, it should
> be cleared out.

I agree, but when I looked at the patch just now, it do not seem to
work properly.  The exit code ($?) will be that of the last umount
command, while it should report an error if any of the umount calls

Minor nitpick is that it should use $( ... ) instead of ` ... `, to
use the same notation as the other scripts.

Anyone got a tested patch that report errors correctly?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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