[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#561627: Virtual package

Ira Rice irarice at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 16:29:38 UTC 2010

I'll just mention a second naming possibility for a virtual package,
since this might come up later.

Having a virtual package for init scripts would be rather convenient
for the LSB as well, IMO, since the LSB requires that you use a System
V compatible initialization script, but doesn't exactly require you to
use sysvinit as far as I know. So, if no one likes the init package
name, then lsb-init might be an acceptable alternative. This is also
one of the reasons why upstart has a sysv compatible version (the
upstart-compat-sysv package in Ubuntu), since otherwise, it'd make it
impossible to use upstart and keep a LSB compatible configuration.

Now, it might not be perfect to just have the lsb-init package used
even in cases where the user doesn't care about containing LSB
compatibility, but it's something to take into consideration. I still
think that this would be the best sort of solution going forward to
solve this problem, and probably the most flexible as well.

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