[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#581704: Failing to run init script (or ordering problem) after upgrade from startpar to makefile

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Sat May 15 07:32:44 UTC 2010

[Josh Triplett]
> Bootlogd seems unlikely to work with a read-only root filesystem.

Ah, right.

> However, if it would help, I could boot without "quiet", and snap a
> picture of the first screen of messages after /etc/init.d/rc says
> "Using makefile-style concurrent boot in runlevel S".

Yes, please.  Your initial pictures did not show any messages when
running the scripts in rcS.d/ (which is not really the runlevel S, but
the "boot" sequence), and the rest of the messages also looked like
the scripts in rcS.d/ did not run at all.  I have no idea how this can
happen, and welcome more information.  What is the content of your
/etc/init.d/.depend.* files?  The .depend.boot file would be used for

> ~$ ls /etc/rc?.d

All of these look fine.  The most important one is the rcS.d/ list:

> /etc/rcS.d:
> README                S08mtab.sh                S16mountnfs-bootclean.sh
> S01mountkernfs.sh     S09checkfs.sh             S17kbd
> S02udev               S10ifupdown               S18console-setup
> S03mountdevsubfs.sh   S10mountall.sh            S19alsa-utils
> S04bootlogd           S11mountall-bootclean.sh  S19bootmisc.sh
> S05keyboard-setup     S12mountoverflowtmp       S19fuse
> S06hostname.sh        S13pcmciautils            S19lm-sensors
> S06hwclockfirst.sh    S13procps                 S19schroot
> S07checkroot.sh       S13udev-mtab              S19screen-cleanup
> S08hwclock.sh         S13x11-common             S19urandom
> S08ifupdown-clean     S14networking             S20stop-bootlogd-single
> S08module-init-tools  S15mountnfs.sh

This is the ordering on my test machine, if you want to compare:

root at tjener:~# ls /etc/rcS.d/
README               S10ifupdown-clean         S19portmap
S01mountkernfs.sh    S10module-init-tools      S20nfs-common
S02early-readahead   S10mtab.sh                S21mountnfs.sh
S03udev              S11checkfs.sh             S22mountnfs-bootclean.sh
S04mountdevsubfs.sh  S12resize_lvm             S23console-screen.sh
S05bootlogd          S13mountall.sh            S24console-setup
S06keymap.sh         S14mountall-bootclean.sh  S25alsa-utils
S07keyboard-setup    S15mountoverflowtmp       S25bootmisc.sh
S08hdparm            S16procps                 S25fuse
S08hostname.sh       S16resolvconf             S25later-readahead
S08hwclockfirst.sh   S16udev-mtab              S25screen-cleanup
S08lvm2              S16x11-common             S25urandom
S09checkroot.sh      S17ifupdown               S26stop-bootlogd-single
S10hwclock.sh        S18networking
root at tjener:~#

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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