[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#583312: possible fix

Romane romane at miscellanie.com
Thu May 27 05:35:38 UTC 2010

Good morning

Further hunting around, and may have found a solution. A little background :

Adding the line "ServerTimeout=120" to the [X-*-Core] section of 
/etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc enabled the system to boot to a normal login screen. 
In comparison to while having the problem, where was counting 7 to 8 
seconds, give or take, and then being dropped from the green nVidia logo 
back to the console, adding that line I was counting 12 to 15 seconds, 
and then being presented with the logon screen.

  Wanting to test boot order, I deleted the line from kdmrc, and went to 
/etc/rc2.d. The order of the scripts was :


Changed the S17nvidia-glx to S7nvidia-glx, and the beastie booted up to 
a login screen no problems, and at about the same speed (give or take) 
as before the installation of the initscripts and sysv... stuff yesterday.

Now, this is not optimal - some update at some time in the future will 
again reorder the scripts, and the problem is very likely to repeat itself.

If I could suggest a change to the way that the scripts that do the 
ordering of scripts in rc2.d to be altered so as to action nvidia-glx 
earlier in the boot sequence. Though the problem may not affect 
everyone, doing so may reduce or even eliminate the incidences of this 
issue in the future.

With greetings


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