[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#643651: Automount of CIFS filesystems during startup

Stanislav klinkov at yandex.ru
Wed Sep 28 11:07:20 UTC 2011

Package: initscripts
Version: 2.88dsf-13.1

I have several lines describing my remote cifs filesystems in /etc/fstab. For example.

// /mnt/samba/shared cifs uid=33,gid=33,file_mode=0666,dir_mode=0777,iocharset=cp1251,username=foo,password=pass 0 0

During boot-up automount scripts try to mount all filesystems mentioned in /etc/fstab.
It often happens before network interface become actually being brought up. Especially ethernet bridges go up very slowly.
Then I can see the following errors in my logs:

CIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket. Aborting operation
CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -113

Of course, automatic mount of cifs filesystems fails during boot-time.
I have to mount them later, manually.

I suggest to exclude cifs filesystems from boot-time automount scripts and
mount them later, after all interfaces are up. For exapmle, to arrange something
like "mountnfs" behaviour.

This is my suggestion into whishlist for further releases.

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