[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#675175: systemd: New version: 184

james at nurealm.net james at nurealm.net
Wed Dec 12 10:22:24 UTC 2012

Package: systemd
Version: 44-5

Release: Unstable

> Yes, I know.  Not suitable for wheezy at this point.

"Experimental" is not "wheezy"!
"Unstable" is not "wheezy"!

Who maintains Experimental and Unstable, then?

systemd at version 196 now.  Version 44 is 6 months on.

And, "/etc/default/*" still needs to be moved into "/etc/systemd/system".
When was this going to be done?

And the SysV init scripts - when are they going to be removed?  Are we
actually seeing all the boot-time speed-up, with these init scripts in place?

And, of course, this is not just a systemd issue, as udev has been merged with
systemd.  udev is currently at version 175-7.1, from January 2012, almost a
year on.  Please play nice, together.

And this is not even addressing sysvinit, which still has the "Essential"
flag.  Perhaps that is more of an "emotion" or "personality" issue that must
be addressed, the loss of "status" and "prestige" for sysvinit?


So then, just compiling and installing systemd-196 seems to basically work,
other than having to install several development libraries, but there are some
systemd files that need to be removed.  Also, debian currently installs the
systemd and udev binaries into /bin/ and the libraries into /lib/, but now,
the standard systemd installation is into /usr/bin/ and /usr/lib/, because
of the "/usr merge".


And see also the discussion about systemd file locations for Fedora,


And, there seem to be no "configure" options that will allow installation to
/lib/ automatically.  This then requires something like

 ./configure --bindir=/bin --sysconfdir=/etc --with-distro=debian

and then

 sudo cp -rupdvf /usr/lib/systemd/ /usr/lib/udev/ /lib

after installing to /usr/lib/.

But still, systemd seems to hard-code the path to /usr/lib/systemd/, so then

 sudo cp -rupdv /lib/systemd/ /lib/udev/ /usr/lib

That's going to be annoying to keep up...  So,

 sudo rm -r /lib/systemd/;sudo ln -s /usr/lib/systemd/ /lib
 sudo rm -r /lib/udev/;sudo ln -s /usr/lib/udev/ /lib

Also, debian has "udevadm" in /sbin/ instead of /usr/bin/, so that has to be
fixed, removing the default binary, or over-writing it.

Next, it seems that systemd-196 will "spam" the log file with a continuous
stream of error messages if there are config files in systemd/system/ that are
not going to work.  These files need to be removed, along with any sym-links -
and someone more cluefull should check these:


"sys-kernel-security.mount" has been removed:


and, of course, the udev merger has changed the udev files.

Also, these are no longer in /usr/lib/systemd/, and have been provided in
systemd/system/ or seem to have been removed:


Very important - systemd/system/rsyslog.service must be revised:



	-ExecStartPre=/bin/systemctl stop systemd-kmsg-syslogd.service

And then, in /usr/lib/systemd/system/,

 sudo ln -s rsyslog.service syslog.service

There have been some name changes, to configuration files,

 /etc/systemd-journald.conf	-> /etc/journald.conf
 /etc/systemd-logind.conf	-> /etc/logind.conf

and to binaries,

 systemd-journalctl	-> journalctl
 systemd-loginctl	-> loginctl

For the moment, that seems to have things working properly.  All in all, it
doesn't seem that it would be that hard to package this, certainly for


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