[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] A wish for help with Bug#765803 On automatic init system switching on upgrade

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Fri Nov 21 12:59:51 UTC 2014

Svante Signell dixit:

>Issue a warning: You are about to switch init system, do you want that?
>yes) continue
>no) Install sysvinit-core (and if needed systemd-shim): Is that

This is all not technically possible, and rather silly.

A debconf warning, at priority medium (if CTTE decides that automatic
init system switches are ok for wheezy→jessie upgrades) or critical
(if it decides they are not ok), in the systemd-sysv package for when
it detects an upgrade from wheezy, is the best we can probably do.

I’d be totally content with a warning like that, plus the method to
install (both d-i and debootstrap) jessie without systemd. (Actually,
the debootstrap profiles minbase and buildd should omit the init sy‐
stem completely. We could let the default profile install systemd by
means of priority and alternate Depends (already the case), add a new
“sysvinit” profile, and change all other profiles to remove systemd
and sysvinit too.) I’d be even happy if this can be done in sid, as
we can always build d-i from that ourselves (in fact, I did that for
$orkplace because the “monolith” d-i image (which is, or used to be,
not built by default) is much more reliable, though less featureful,
plus I could add mksh and jupp to d-i that way).

Remember, wheezy is frozen. We cannot touch that, and anything doing
more than that would need to run inside (unmodifed, from CD-ROM in‐
stalled) wheezy, before the dist-upgrade begins (once it’s started,
you cannot interrupt it without trashing the system state; I have
experience with a package whose prerm always exits false; it mails
the admins to fix the system manually now).

This space for rent.

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