[Pkg-tcltk-devel] Bug#440683: tcl8.4 strtod + fixstrtod confusion leads to symbol clash

Joe English jenglish at flightlab.com
Wed Sep 19 18:06:46 UTC 2007

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Sergei Golovan writes:
> > For me it looks like you fixed symptom and not a bug. But obviously, I
> > may be wrong. Did you contact upstream with the patch?
> No, I haven't talked to upstream.

That's OK, upstream is watching :-)

This is a sort-of-known problem, with no satisfactory resolution yet.

The root cause of the problem is that the autoconf logic raises
false positives, and decides to include compat/* routines when
it doesn't really need to.  (Same thing for the memcmp problem
reported earlier -- compat/memcmp.c *was* incorrect, but the
real problem is that Tcl's build system is trying to use it
in the first place.)

--Joe English

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