[Pkg-tcltk-devel] Bug#100753: shireman

sleepry inclines at abbeylanegfts.com
Sat Sep 22 07:26:14 UTC 2007

  shirer shires
conflicting statements as to the sensory phenomena following operations
for the repair of divided nerves.  2. Those which subserve _protopathic_
sensibilitythat is, are capable of responding to painful cutaneous
Orig,i-na=l  ph;arm+a  Pi.lls fro-m Pf=ize;r
All p-ills  are  w;ithou;t  VAT,/TA-X
stimuli and to the extremes of heat and cold. These also endow the hairs
with sensibility to pain. They are the first to regenerate after division.
 3. Those which subserve _epicritic_ sensibility, the most highly
specialised, capable of appreciating light touch, _e.g._ with a wisp of
cotton wool, as a well-localised sensation, and the finer grades of
temperature, called cool and warm (72-104 F.), and of discriminating as
separate the points of a pair of compasses 2 cms. apart. These are the

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