[Pkg-tcltk-devel] Bug#651969: request for upload / XOTcl 1.6.7 upstream release

Stefan Sobernig stefan.sobernig at wu.ac.at
Tue Dec 13 20:59:50 UTC 2011


>>> Thx for taking of uploading!
>> Uploaded but it FTBFS.
> Yes, there are several .o and .so files left over by the build system.
> Until that's fixed I could offer a very quick and ugly workaround (attached).
> I refrain from uploading that right now, in case you can come up with
> something more appropriate.

Interesting. I am a little puzzled why these build artifacts remain in 
the first place; and why this poses a problem for this upload, for the 
first time (provided that I haven't missed the obvious).


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