[Pkg-tcltk-devel] Unversionized tk-dev; mixed versions

Оlе Ѕtrеісhеr debian-devel at liska.ath.cx
Sun Jul 20 11:58:52 UTC 2014


I just got a FTBS bugreport for my saods9 package. The package (still)
needs to build (and run) against tcl/tk 8.5. However, it depends on

libtk-img-dev depends on (now) tk-dev which in turn depends on
tk8.6-dev, so that the saods9 package build pulls both 8.5 and 8.6
versions (and fixed because of a minor 8.6 incompability).

How should I solve this? Since libtk-img does not depend on a specific
version of tk, why does libtk-img-dev? Since there is a new saods9
version supporting 8.6 in upstream development, I don't want to put much
efforts in making the current version compatible.

Best regards


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