[Pkg-telepathy-maintainers] Bug#681864: unblock (pre-approval): telepathy-mission-control-5/1:5.12.1-2

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Tue Jul 17 11:28:30 UTC 2012

On 17/07/12 11:02, Laurent Bigonville wrote:
> • Stop using deprecated telepathy-glib symbols. (Jonny)

With my upstream hat on, I'd have preferred this change not to be
committed to the upstream 5.12.x stable branch...

The other two changes described in NEWS are the parts of the diff that
touch src/mcd-account-manager-default.c and src/mcd-dispatcher.c (and
possibly tests/, but that doesn't contribute to the binary package). I
think both need fixing for wheezy, either with 5.12.1 or by backporting

Another option would be to revert "Stop using deprecated...", release
5.12.2 upstream, and package *that* for wheezy.


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