[Pkg-telepathy-maintainers] telepathy-spec 0.99.5

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Mon Dec 9 14:05:25 UTC 2013

On 09/12/13 12:48, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> On 07/12/13 19:16, Diane Trout wrote:
>> I learned from the KTp developers that there's a new telepathy-spec on its 
>> way. 

Terminology: 0.99.x are prereleases for "Telepathy 1.0", whereas the
versions < 0.99 are "Telepathy 0.x". It's a significant jump, similar to
GStreamer 0.10 vs. 1.0.

I'm one of the people doing/coordinating the "Telepathy 1.0" upstream
work (not much of it at the moment since I'm busy with other things), as
well as being a member of pkg-telepathy. If/when anyone packages
Telepathy 1.0 for experimental, it'll probably be me, but you'll notice
I haven't done it yet :-)

Upstream, we're doing 0.99.x snapshots of telepathy-spec, telepathy-glib
(which now includes telepathy-logger as well), Mission Control (version
5.99.x on the branch that will lead to MC 6.0), and most of the "major"
connection managers. We're keeping those versions in sync, which
sometimes means skipping a version number, to make it more obvious which
versions are intended to work together. Some of those snapshots are
proper tarballs; the connection managers are mostly just git tags
(they're not a build-dependency for anything, and they're not ready for
distributions to package, so the tarball is less necessary).

Those releases all come from the "next" branch, which will not be merged
into "master" until we're confident that it has settled down and will be
ready to be the next stable release, which we do on approximately
GNOME's 6-month schedule. I was hoping we could "cut over" to Telepathy
1.0 as the primary branch in time for GNOME 3.12 (freezing ~ March 2014)
but it might have to slip to GNOME 3.14 (September 2014), in which case
Debian Jessie would probably ship with Telepathy 0.x in any case.

As far as I'm aware, Empathy is more or less keeping up with this on its
own "next" branch, but doesn't have any tagged snapshots on that branch yet.

If you want to help Telepathy-Qt and KDE-Telepathy to keep up with
Telepathy 1.0, I strongly recommend taking the same approach: do the
work on a "next" branch upstream, don't merge it to master or package it
in Debian until everything's a bit more stable, and be clear about the
exact version of telepathy-spec/telepathy-glib/etc. with which you aim
to be compatible. As I said, for each value of x, versions 5.99.x
(Mission Control) and 0.99.x (everything else) are meant to work well

> I'm not sure if anybody is planning to package those for
> experimental but I suppose that won't happen until things settle down a bit.

As long as the next stable branch is likely to be Telepathy 0.x, I don't
intend to supersede any Telepathy 0.x packages with their Telepathy 1.0
counterparts, even in experimental - we need to be able to keep
uploading, for instance, telepathy-gabble 0.odd.x.

For the components that are fully parallel-installable, I might upload
to experimental under a new source package name (e.g. telepathy-glib-1,
telepathy-mission-control-6) when things are a bit more settled, but I
think we still have file conflicts at the moment (e.g. telepathy-logger
0.x and 1.0 try to write to the same location).


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