[Pkg-telepathy-maintainers] telepathy-spec 0.99.5

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Wed Dec 11 11:21:45 UTC 2013

(Sending this to the main Telepathy list, not just Debian's pkg-telepathy)

On 10/12/13 18:34, Diane Trout wrote:
[I wrote:]
>> If you want to help Telepathy-Qt and KDE-Telepathy to keep up with
>> Telepathy 1.0, I strongly recommend taking the same approach [as telepathy-glib]: do the
>> work on a "next" branch upstream, don't merge it to master or package it
>> in Debian until everything's a bit more stable, and be clear about the
>> exact version of telepathy-spec/telepathy-glib/etc. with which you aim
>> to be compatible.
> I believe David Edmundson is hoping to localize all the changes for telepathy-
> spec 1.0 in telepathy-qt. He's not yet sure if there will be a compile time 
> option to choose which spec version to use or if version (0.8?) of KTp will 
> require version 1.0 of telepathy.

I'd recommend doing this on a 'next' branch for now, and calling the
snapshots version 0.99.x (and 1.0 when final), roughly in sync with
telepathy-glib - if you keep the version numbers in sync, it'll be much
clearer which snapshot of -spec (and hence the CMs etc.) you intend it
to work well with. I suspect that playing with #ifdef to support both
D-Bus APIs with a compile-time choice is not going to scale, although
you're welcome to prove me wrong.

The reason I advise doing this on 'next' instead of 'master' is that I
think we'll probably have at least one more round of "Telepathy 0"
stable-branches, unless people have time to finish the remaining bits of
Tp 1 parallel-installation (Logger, Mission Control) and implement a
migration path really very soon.

If we're going to do stable branches at about the right time for GNOME's
6-month cycle, which is what we usually do, then the deadline for having
Tp 1 fully ready for merge would be January or February, and I don't
think that's necessarily realistic at this point - it seems more
realistic to do another batch of "Telepathy 0" releases for GNOME 3.12,
and switch to Telepathy 1 as the main development path in 'master' after
GNOME 3.12 releases in April. Does that timing seem OK for KDE?

"Telepathy-Qt 1" should not have the same SONAME as version 0, since it
will not work in situations where version 0 would (obvious example: "the
user only has 'Telepathy 0' CMs").

If you manage to keep it broadly API-compatible, it doesn't
*necessarily* need to do the full parallel-installation dance like
telepathy-glib did, but it would probably make life easier during its
development if it did - so, different pkg-config name, headers in a
different directory, different library name for -lfoo, and so on. This
might well be a good opportunity to drop deprecated APIs like
StreamedMedia, too.

> After he mentioned that I just wanted to make sure that there will be a 
> transition plan to upgrade all of telepathy-spec dependencies at the same 
> time.

There will have to be, yes, but that's months away. IMO each stable
distro release should only ship "Telepathy 0.x" or "Telepathy 1", not both.


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