[Pkg-telepathy-maintainers] Bug#709707: folks: Upcoming vala 0.16 removal

biebl at debian.org biebl at debian.org
Sat May 25 04:59:25 UTC 2013

Source: folks
Severity: normal
User: pkg-vala-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org
Usertags: vala-0.16-removal


folks currently has a (build) dependency on either valac-0.16 or

The current default vala version is 0.20.

Please update your package to build against this version. Unless the
package uses specific features from a certain vala version, it is
recommended to use valac (>= 0.XY) instead of vala-0.XY in your
(build) dependencies.


Michael, on behalf of the Debian Vala team. 

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