[Pkg-telepathy-maintainers] Bug#744078: Bug#744078: Bug#744078: empathy: Empathy crashes at start

Simon McVittie smcv at debian.org
Thu Apr 10 09:23:39 UTC 2014

On 10/04/14 09:42, Simon McVittie wrote:
> the only way I can see for that to crash is if d was NULL, which
> could happen if one of bday.year, bday.month, bday.day is out-of-range.

If you can reproduce this crash, you can confirm or disprove my theory
with these gdb commands:

(gdb) frame 3
(gdb) p *bday

If the birthday is something that GDateTime considers to be invalid
(year < 1, year > 9999, month < 1, month > 12, day < 1, or day too large
for the month) then I understand the reason for this crash, and it
should be easy to fix.


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