[Pkg-utopia-maintainers] Bug#431427: network-manager: Doesn't play well with static configuration, overwrites /etc/resolv.conf

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Mon Jul 2 20:51:29 UTC 2007

severity 408292 important
severity 431427 important
merge 431427 415891 408292

This problem occurs, when you have multiple network interfaces, and one is
configured (to use a static ip) via /etc/network/interfaces.
NM will ignore this interface, but as there are other network interfaces, it
will manage these interfaces and try to establish a connection via one of them.
If dhcp fails for that interface, it tries to get a LinkLocal IP address and
/etc/resolv.conf is overwritten with an empty file.

Ubuntu has a patch, which treats interfaces defined via /etc/network/interfaces
as "always up" and ignores them too. A better solution obviously is, to make NM
also understand a static configuration, so it can manage such interfaces.

The next major release, 0.7 is said to bring support for static configurations
natively, As a workaround for now, you can disable the other network interfaces
in your system for NM, by specifying them in /etc/network/interfaces until a
better solution is found.
nm-tool will list all interfaces in you system. If you add entries like

iface ethX inet manual

NM, will ignore them.

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