[Pkg-utopia-maintainers] Bug#404436: Bug#404436: Patch for 32bit support for amd64

Goswin von Brederlow brederlo at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Jul 5 17:46:04 UTC 2007

Loïc Minier <lool at dooz.org> writes:

> On Tue, Jul 03, 2007, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> The lib32... is build with -m32. The
>> build-32/config.status: CFLAGS := -m32 $(CFLAGS)
>> creates a target local variable CFLAGS with -m32 added and
>> build-%/config.status then uses that in configure.
>  Yes, that I understood; my problem was with the two library packages
>  shipping the same files.
>> >  Anyway, I rewrote the changes differently and took the liberty to
>> >  install to emul/ia32-linux/lib instead of lib; is this correct?
>> Ups, wrong patch. Yes, the libs need to go to emul/ia32-linux/lib or
>> emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib (for /lib and /usr/lib respectively).
>> I changed the --libexecdir in my patch but aparently forgot to make a
>> new debdiff. By setting --libexecdir you could install directly into
>> debian/<package> but your way works just as well.
>  --libexecdir might be closer to the truth though; could you tell me
>  which software is aware of /emul/ia32-linux/lib?  Is it ld.so?  Or is
>  is it a wrapper such as linux32?
>  I'll upload the package like this for now.

ld (both runtime and link time) uses /lib32 and /usr/lib32 which are
links to /emul.

>> The lib32nss-mdns package has less files in usr/share/doc. Not sure if
>> it is neccessary to duplicate the READMEs.
>  Ok, this can be fixed later; thanks for testing!
> -- 
> Loïc Minier


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