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Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018 16:14:04 +0200
Source: uwsgi
Binary: libapache2-mod-ruwsgi libapache2-mod-ruwsgi-dbg libapache2-mod-uwsgi libapache2-mod-uwsgi-dbg python-uwsgidecorators python3-uwsgidecorators uwsgi uwsgi-app-integration-plugins uwsgi-core uwsgi-dbg uwsgi-dev uwsgi-emperor uwsgi-extra uwsgi-infrastructure-plugins uwsgi-plugin-alarm-curl uwsgi-plugin-alarm-xmpp uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python3 uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron uwsgi-plugin-emperor-pg uwsgi-plugin-fiber uwsgi-plugin-gccgo uwsgi-plugin-geoip uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python3 uwsgi-plugin-glusterfs uwsgi-plugin-graylog2 uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python3 uwsgi-plugin-jvm-openjdk-11 uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-openjdk-11 uwsgi-plugin-ldap uwsgi-plugin-lua5.1 uwsgi-plugin-lua5.2 uwsgi-plugin-mono uwsgi-plugin-psgi uwsgi-plugin-python uwsgi-plugin-python3 uwsgi-plugin-rack-ruby2.5 uwsgi-plugin-rados uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads uwsgi-plugin-ring-openjdk-11 uwsgi-plugin-router-access uwsgi-plugin-servlet-openjdk-11
 uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3 uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python3 uwsgi-plugin-xslt uwsgi-plugins-all
Architecture: source
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: uWSGI packaging team <pkg-uwsgi-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk>
 libapache2-mod-ruwsgi - uwsgi module for Apache2 (mod_Ruwsgi)
 libapache2-mod-ruwsgi-dbg - debugging symbols for Apache2 mod_Ruwsgi
 libapache2-mod-uwsgi - uwsgi module for Apache2 (mod_uwsgi)
 libapache2-mod-uwsgi-dbg - debugging symbols for Apache2 mod_uwsgi
 python-uwsgidecorators - module of decorators for elegant access to uWSGI API (Python 2)
 python3-uwsgidecorators - module of decorators for elegant access to uWSGI API (Python 3)
 uwsgi      - fast, self-healing application container server
 uwsgi-app-integration-plugins - plugins for integration of uWSGI and application
 uwsgi-core - fast, self-healing application container server (core)
 uwsgi-dbg  - debugging symbols for uWSGI server and it's plugins
 uwsgi-dev  - fast, self-healing application container server (headers)
 uwsgi-emperor - fast, self-healing application container server (emperor scripts)
 uwsgi-extra - fast, self-healing application container server (extra files)
 uwsgi-infrastructure-plugins - infrastructure plugins for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-alarm-curl - cURL alarm plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-alarm-xmpp - XMPP alarm plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python - asyncio plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
 uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python3 - asyncio plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
 uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron - cron cURL plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-emperor-pg - Emperor PostgreSQL plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-fiber - Fiber plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-gccgo - GNU Go plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-geoip - GeoIP plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python - gevent plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
 uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python3 - gevent plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
 uwsgi-plugin-glusterfs - GlusterFS storage plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-graylog2 - graylog2 plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python - greenlet plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
 uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python3 - greenlet plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
 uwsgi-plugin-jvm-openjdk-11 - Java plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 11)
 uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-openjdk-11 - JWSGI plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 11)
 uwsgi-plugin-ldap - LDAP plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-lua5.1 - Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (Lua 5.1)
 uwsgi-plugin-lua5.2 - Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (Lua 5.2)
 uwsgi-plugin-mono - Mono/ASP.NET plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-psgi - Perl PSGI plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-python - WSGI plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
 uwsgi-plugin-python3 - WSGI plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
 uwsgi-plugin-rack-ruby2.5 - Rack plugin for uWSGI ()
 uwsgi-plugin-rados - Ceph/RADOS storage plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads - Ruby native threads plugin for uWSGI ()
 uwsgi-plugin-ring-openjdk-11 - Closure/Ring plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 11)
 uwsgi-plugin-router-access - Access router plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-servlet-openjdk-11 - JWSGI plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 11)
 uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3 - SQLite 3 configurations plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python - tornado plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
 uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python3 - tornado plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
 uwsgi-plugin-xslt - XSLT request plugin for uWSGI
 uwsgi-plugins-all - all available plugins for uWSGI
 uwsgi-src  - sources for uWSGI plugins
Closes: 889753 891639
 uwsgi ( unstable; urgency=medium
   [ upstream ]
   * Release 2.0.16:
     + Fix stack-based buffer overflow.
       Closes: Bug#889753. CVE-2018-6758.
     + Backport early_post_jail plugin hook.
     + Fix ipv6 suupport for http-socket.
     + Enable execinfo on DragonFly BSD.
     + Fix inet_ntop buffer size.
     + Add worker running time metrics.
     + Backport safe-pidfile, safe-pidfile2.
     + Stop using libxml2 by default on osx.
     + Fix uwsgi_kvlist_parse signature.
     + Backport http range fixes from master.
     + Relicense mod_proxy_uwsgi to Apache 2.0.
     + logging: Add ${millis} support to json encode.
     + plugins/router_xmldir: Fix invalid locale check.
     + Add ssl-verify-depth flag to set the max Client CA chain length.
     + Allow one to override build date.
     + Python 3 plugin: improve thread names handling.
     + Add uwsgi_resolve_ip for redis host.
     + plugins/gevent: Fix signal handlers.
     + Write x509 DER to the uwsgi buffer.
     + plugin/http: Fix compilation.
     + Fixed emperor throttling system.
     + Fix application loading without Plack
       after excluding “.” from @INC in new Perl versions.
     + Fix MULE MSG QUEUE IS FULL message hint.
     + Build System: support k_minor has a _xxx suffix.
     + Fix drop-after-* options.
     + Add mule_send_msg success indicator.
     + Properly check item size in uwsgi_queue_push.
     + FastRouter / HTTP Router can now have a ‘fallback’ key configured.
     + HTTP Router now supports post-buffer, just like FastRouter.
     + Fix handling of env in embedded dict in Python plugin
       (could cause segfaults in single thread mode).
     + Add support for Brotli (.br) with –static-gzip.
     + Backport HTTP/1.1 support (–http11-socket) from 2.1.
   * Release 2.0.17:
     + Emperor throttling subsystem no longer use blocking functions,
       fixing stats serving and improving vassals startup time.
     + Enforce DOCUMENT_ROOT check when using –php-docroot
       to avoid directory traversal.
       Closes: Bug#891639. CVE-2018-7490.
     + Add –shutdown-sockets to improve graceful shutdowns.
   * Release
     + Fix memory leak in HTTPS_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE.
     + TLSv1 is now disabled by default
       (you can re-enable it with ssl-enable-tlsv1 at your own risk).
     + Improve daemons throttle system.
     + Add “secs” log formatting variable.
     + Improve snprintf() usage to be OpenBSD-friendly.
     + Improve glibc crypt/crypt_r management.
     + Fix websocket pong timeout check.
     + Add the “License” classifier to setup.py.
     + Add support for php user.ini.
     + Official support for Python 3.7.
   [ Jonas Smedegaard ]
   * Update watch file: Fix mangle filename.
   * Update copyright info:
     + Extend coverage for main author to include past year.
     + Relicense Apache module: License Apache-2.0.
   * Drop patches cherry-picked upstream and since applied.
     Unfuzz patch 1002.
     Refresh patch 1015 with shortening quilt options.
   * Extend lintian overrides for License-Reference to cover Apache-2.0.
 593d37c3f63db506b4ea95ab02e9f2c0ee2cbf69 8295 uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1.dsc
 52e20dbd0a21c56077fea49f8e13034e2d4039e3 800156 uwsgi_2.0.17.1.orig.tar.gz
 11657394cdeadc14d3216988e88acba9238c54f2 54944 uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 e6d60474acaad279cba3ec41d4dd499b573954c3 41368 uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1_amd64.buildinfo
 a53863eb9a84f36d0fea32ec36fb1b3f876c818b45339dd905d93131f0989c34 8295 uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1.dsc
 d2318235c74665a60021a4fc7770e9c2756f9fc07de7b8c22805efe85b5ab277 800156 uwsgi_2.0.17.1.orig.tar.gz
 0c814a24d798189bf1fd0ec600e91336ecd6433bf63045666a187e37a4fff1e6 54944 uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 95c696f871b2b9db723b11087e078b4324751e0291f82993a8eeaa5c822a37f6 41368 uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1_amd64.buildinfo
 7c3a459ab30e82ca0182c9712d25a301 8295 httpd optional uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1.dsc
 0b1d89f62d0a291ba837c57b2f5dae39 800156 httpd optional uwsgi_2.0.17.1.orig.tar.gz
 ac57ee46d2ed428d3835a0759441407b 54944 httpd optional uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 7a9ddc5bf7b9e647def88143212f2180 41368 httpd optional uwsgi_2.0.17.1-1_amd64.buildinfo



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