[pkg-uWSGI-devel] Bug#1029076: Bug#1029076: Bug#1029076: closed by Jonas Smedegaard <jonas at jones.dk> (reply to 1029076 at bugs.debian.org) (Re: Bug#1029076: uwsgi-plugin-python3: built against non-default libpython3.11 / should always build against the defalt Python in testing)

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Fri Jan 27 11:15:52 GMT 2023

Control: retitle -1 uwsgi-plugin-python3: should cover non-default Python interpreters too

Quoting Dominik George (2023-01-27 11:17:59)
> > Please describe what exactly fails, to aid in understanding what we are
> > talking about and aid in testing.
> So, consider the following example of how to use uWSGI (it is actually
> the msot common and basic example, so I would expect you to test it):
>  1. Create a virtual environment: python3 -m venv /srv/fooenv
>  2. Install whatever WSGI app you like into the venv
>    → note that at this point, all packages isntalled into the
>      venv will be versioned for python3.10 in testing!
>  3. Configure a uWSGI app to use the environment (by setting
>     virtualenv = /srv/fooenv and referring to a script exposing
>     a WSGI app there)
>  4. Start uWSGI
>    → note that at this point, all imports from packages in the
>      venv fail, because the WSGI script is run using Python 3.11
>      while the venv uses Python 3.10, which is the default Python)


I now understand that you consider Python venv encapsulation the most
common and basic way to use uWSGI.  I don't, and would appreciate an
even simpler way to test this issue.  Regardless, I now better
understand and I agree this issue is real - but disagree that it is
release critical.

Your usecase demonstrates the need for uWSGI supporting multiple python
versions (bug#606530). Unfortunately, due to limitations of CDBS
(bug#868752) uwsgi had to reduce to only support default Python

It is my intention (as very vaguely hinted in TODO file) to move uwsgi
python plugins to a separate source package similar to how PHP plugin is
currently handled, which will allow using dh sequencer and thus build
for multiple Python versions.

Since this issue only emerges during transitions (and possibly for
downstream derivative distros supporting multiple concurrent Python
versions in their final user-exposed distro releases), this issue is not
considered urgent to fix, and is not planned to do before this upcoming

 - Jonas

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