Bug#287428: using DVB-T Nova "Budget" card - vdr fails to detect /dev/video0

Darren Salt pkg-vdr-dvb-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
Thu, 30 Dec 2004 00:17:23 +0000

I demand that Thomas Schmidt may or may not have written...

> * Darren Salt schrieb am 29.12.04, um 19:20 Uhr:
>>>  there _is_ a xine plugin?  hurrah!
>> I have it packaged and compiled for vdr 1.3.17 - see my .sig. It may be
>> compilable for 1.2.6; I've not checked.

> It is compatible with vdr 1.2.6 - I already tested your version of the
> plugin, it only requires some minor changes to make it compatible with the
> official vdr. ;-)

This is good... (Patch?)

>>>> but this will not happen very soon, because at the moment it requires a
>>>> patched libxine, and i guess the maintainer of the libxine-package will
>>>> not include this patch (at least not before Sarge is released).
>>> hm. am willing to try: where can i get it from?
>> Again, see my .sig - I have a patched libxine.

> I asked the upstream maintainer of the xine-plugin yesterday, and he said
> that the patch for xine-lib will be integrated into the upstream xine-lib,
> hopefully with version 1.0.1 [...]

Unfortunately, we have to wait for vdr-plugin-0.6.2 before we can use this
patch - there are some incompatible changes :-|

> - when this happens, the way is free for an official vdr-plugin-xine. ;-)

... in sarge? ;-)

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