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Fri, 31 Dec 2004 13:14:48 +0100

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* Tobias Grimm schrieb am 31.12.04, um 09:32 Uhr:
> With the last nights update of the ctvdr vdradmin package, the only=20
> difference to the Debian package left is the streaming patch from Peter=
> Siering. The streaming patch adds buttons that allow you to "stream" a=20
> live view or recording over the network (audio/x-mpegurl). Live views=20
> are streamed using the streamdev plugin and recordings are accessed via=
> Samba shares.

Is this configurable? (I would like to keep the possibility to run
vdradmin on a machine where vdr does not run.)

> What do you think about adding this to the Debian package too? But I=20
> must say, that Thomas Koch never wanted this patch to be included in the=
> upstream version, because this solution doesn't meet his demands.

I have no problem with this patch, i guess it was tested by a lot of
people in c't-vdr allready, so i guess there should not be problems
left. The only problem is that we do not have the streamdev-plugin in
Debian at the moment. (It would be very nice, when you would could add
it to the repository on alioth and report the ITP, because i do not
have very mucht time at the moment.)

> Another question that arises from time to time is, if it would be=20
> possible to replace the "LinVDR"-Logo with a more neutral VDR-Logo. I=20
> never asked Thomas Koch about it, but when he doesn't have any=20
> objections there would be no reason to not do it.

Hmm, i have no problem with this logo, but i also do not have problems
with replacing the logo, the permission of Thomas Koch should not be
needed - it is free software. ;-)


Thomas Schmidt

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