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A tool to read/write the WakeUp time from/to the BIOS
 nvram-wakeup can read and write the wake up time in the BIOS
 (via /dev/nvram on recent 2.4.x kernels or direct I/O port access).
 On this wake up time the computer will be powered on automatically from
 the soft-off state. For the video disc recorder VDR, nvram-wakeup installs
 a hook script, that allows VDR to set a wake up time, when it powers down.
(new) nvram-wakeup_0.96.orig.tar.gz optional misc
Changes: nvram-wakeup (0.96-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * First upload to official Debian-archive (closes: Bug#257347)
  * Tobias Grimm <vdr@e-tobi.net>
    - nvram-wakeup is now maintained on Alioth and also includes the
      former vdr-addon-nvram-wakeup package from c't VDR
    - using MAKEDEV instead of mknod now
    - a regular wake up interval can be configured now
    - the command to reboot before shutting down can be configured in
      /etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.conf, because there are no kernel-poweroff
      or runlevel0-poweroff packages in the official Debian.
    - moved manpage installation to debian/manpages
    - added manpage for biosinfo, cat_nvram, guess, guess-helper.sh, rtc,
      time, set_timer
    - added patch for set_timer that fixes the paths to refer to /usr/sbin/ for
      'time' and to write its data between reboots to /var/tmp/
  * Thomas Schmidt <thomas.schmidt@in.stud.tu-ilmenau.de>
    - Use po-debconf for translated debconf-templates
    - Cleanup debian/rules a little bit
    - Use dpatch, so build-dep on it
    - Added 01_Makefile-fix.dpatch to disable optimizing for i686
    - Added watch-file
    - Added 02_nvram-wakeup-mb.c.dpatch mainboardlist from cvs, Rev. 1.210
    - Depend on makedev
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