UPDATE: vdr-plugin-femon, vdr-plugin-freecell

Christoph Martin pkg-vdr-dvb-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 17:49:04 +0200

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Thomas Schmidt schrieb:
> * Thomas Schmidt schrieb am 23.09.04, um 15:11 Uhr:
>>I tested the packages now, and they work very well, so i would say
>>they really can be uploaded. (The upload of the freecell-plugin will
>>also fix the last open bug we have at the moment.) :)
> @Christoph: I forgot a small thing: please compile the freecell-plugin
> with -v0.0.1-5, because the bugfix is in 0.0.1-6, which was not
> uploaded. (If you miss that, it would not be bad, but i would have to
> close the bugreport manually.) :)

pbuilder has it difficulties with it. You have to specify the
dpkg-buildpackage options in /etc/pbuilderrc.

I just uploaded it hopefully correctly.


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