Thomas Schmidt
Sat, 2 Apr 2005 17:27:22 +0200

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* lahouari Kalaidji schrieb am 30.03.05, um 14:33 Uhr:
>  We are very interested in what kind of solutions you have to offer and
> would like to discuss with you about debian and mips and ask some
> questions, so:
> =20
> - Could you please tell us if there are some videos and audio projects
> (Set Signal Box) used under MIPS architecture ?

I can not tell anything about this, i guess you will have use google
to find such projects.

> - About VDR, we would like to known if there is some projects on
> platform embarked architecture MIPS? so if ok which?

The only thing i can tell about this is that Debian has binaries for
vdr on mips, so at least it is compilable on mips, if you can do
something useful with vdr on mips would just depend on the
availability of working drivers for dvb cards on mips, but it is=20
beyond my knowledge if there are such drivers.

One additional note:

It definitely does not help to post the same message multiple times,
it could only lead to the opposite of what you intended: People may
just ignore your mails instead of answering them.


Thomas Schmidt

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