help on vdr startup

amos_tibaldi amos_tibaldi at
Mon Aug 22 09:03:13 UTC 2005

   My request is on how to solve a problem with vdr. I use a sarge linux distribution with a duron processor.
    I have correctly loaded the modules for my skystar2 dvb-s card for the tuner, and the device nodes in /dev/dvb/adapter0/ are present and working. I have built and installed the dvb utilities and szap actually tunes some channels. But when I have installed vdr and started it issuing the "vdr" command, it stops waiting, without opening any window, and the system messages report that the video card does not have any MPEG decoder.
  What should I do? Record MPEG streams to disk? And how? Or should I use any plugin for enabling MPEG decoding for viewing the satellite channels?

Can you please help me?
Thanks in advance.

Amos Tibaldi
amos_tibaldi at
amos_tibaldi at

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