Bug#330386: plugin-loader: should not load all available plugins

Thomas Schmidt tschmidt at debian.org
Tue Sep 27 22:05:34 UTC 2005

* Dominique Dumont schrieb am 27.09.05, um 22:41 Uhr:
> I'm trying to use the streamdev plugin the debian way.
> This plugin provides a way to transmit received video over network by
> providing a server plugin and a client plugin.

Yes, i am aware of the streamdev-plugin, we have inofficial packages
of this plugin (and many other plugins) allready in our repositories:


It is planned to integrate a lot of these plugins in the official
archive but i guess most of this work will be done when vdr 1.4 is
stable. ;-)

> One vdr is set up as a video server with '-P streamdev-server'.
>  Another vdr can be set up as a video client with
> '-P streamdev-client' (or one can use another video client like vlc).
> Unfortunately, the plugin-loader script will load both plugins when I start
> the vdr daemon with /etc/init.d/vdr:

I guess you installed the plugin manually, so both plugins are
installed, but you just need the -server plugin? With our inofficial
debian package, you would have the choice if you want to install the
-server, the -client or both plugins. ;-)

> Can I suggest that plugin-loader.sh loads only plugin that have a
> corresponding *.conf file in /etc/vdr/plugins/ (even if the file is
> empty because no special option is required)

Well, i think it is much more user-friendly when every plugin which is
installed is loaded by default, if you do not want a certain plugin to
be loaded, even when it is installed, you can edit 
/etc/vdr/plugins/order.conf - in this file you can specify in which
order plugins will be loaded and you can disable certain plugins, in
your case a line like the following would be sufficient:


I hope this will solve your problem, so i can close this bug! :)


Thomas Schmidt, Debian VDR Team
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