Bug#391577: dvb-driver-source: Obsolete, Etch will be 2.6 only

Moritz Muehlenhoff jmm at inutil.org
Sun Oct 8 09:44:05 UTC 2006

Thomas Schmidt wrote:
> Thank you for the bug report - i allready considered asking for
> removal of the package, but i was not shure if this would be really
> necessary because some users might still want to use a kernel (2.4) they
> built by hand.

Several applications won't even run with 2.4, so if people insist on
running 2.4 they are on their own.

> So i do not think that the severity of this bug should
> be release-critical, but i will ask for removal of the package soon.

I would suggest to leave it RC, so that the package is being removed
from testing and prevented from re-entering. (ftp.debian.org removal
requests typically take 1-2 months)


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