Bug#412016: vdr: fails to restart if timers set

Paul Muster paul at muster.dyndns.info
Sun Feb 25 20:00:33 CET 2007

Tobias Grimm schrieb:
> Paul Muster wrote:

>> When timers are defined (no matter on if it was set via vdr's osd or via
>> vdradmin) vdr fails to start or restart with an error message "vdr:
>> [6081]
>> ERROR: channel T-8468-13057-16394 not defined" (T-xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
>> changes).

> What happens if you remove this entry from the timers.conf and add the
> timer again?

Then it is again not possible to restart vdr until the line ist removed
from timers.conf.

(Ich gebe zu, die Frage nicht wirklich verstanden zu haben. Evtl. kann
jemand mal <rt2ka4-91k.ln1 at news.muster.dyndns.info> in de.comp.tv+video



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