Bug#484680: nvram-wakeup: Missing support for Dell OptiPlex GX260

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Thu Jun 5 14:12:33 UTC 2008

Package: nvram-wakeup
Version: 0.97-12
Severity: wishlist

Trying to run nvram-wakeup on Dell OptiPlex GX260, I get this output:

  ltsp:~# nvram-wakeup
  nvram-wakeup: Your mainboard is currently not supported.
  nvram-wakeup: Please try determining the addresses and sending the following
  nvram-wakeup: information back to the maintainers:
  nvram-wakeup:  - The addresses you found out (read README.mb)
  nvram-wakeup:  - Mainboard vendor:   Dell Computer Corp.
  nvram-wakeup:  - Mainboard type:
  nvram-wakeup:  - Mainboard revision:
  nvram-wakeup:  - BIOS vendor:        Dell Computer Corporation
  nvram-wakeup:  - BIOS version:       A03
  nvram-wakeup:  - BIOS release:       09/24/2002

Is there a newer version available where this is working?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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