work on dvb-utils - new upstream hg version

Mark Purcell msp at
Thu Jun 19 01:20:12 UTC 2008


Thanks for the feedback.

I have seen arguments both ways on keeping upstream source on s.d.o, and the other teams I work with on s.d.o don't keep the upstream source as whilst individual projects would be small overall it would be quite large.

I'm happy to upload the source in this case, but what I might also do is provide an get-orig-source target to pull the relevant session from hg.


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Subject: Re: work on dvb-utils - new upstream hg version
From: Thomas Schmidt <tschmidt at>
Date: 19/06/2008 11:14


Am Dienstag, den 17.06.2008, 22:41 +1000 schrieb Mark Purcell: 
> I have committed some changes to the dvb-utils package at
> Whilst upstream seem to be stuck on version 1.1.1, it would appear that the
> mercurial version is going ahead in leaps and bounds.

Yes, you are right, i also intended to update the package to a
hg-version, i just did not yet have the time to do so.

> I would also like to change the package name back to dvb-apps as that is what 
> upstream prefers.

Yes, sounds reasonable.

> Anyway, I'll wait a couple of days before uploading to unstable, in case you 
> have any suggestions.

I just tried to build the package and noticed that you did not commit
the upstream tarball in the tarballs directory. We put all upstream
tarballs into svn, which should not hurt too much as
there are no really big tarballs.


Thomas Schmidt, Debian VDR Team

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