Is nvram-wakeup still developed and maintained?

Tobias Grimm tobias.grimm at
Thu Jun 19 22:06:15 UTC 2008

Thomas Schmidt wrote:
> @Tobias: Maybe we should add the package to the debian archive in the
> near future, what do you think?

I have plans for creating an universal wakeup service package, which can
be configured to
use several wakeup strategies (nvram, acpi old kernel, acpi new kernel,

It should work in a way, that any application can request a wake up time
and when the
system shuts down, the nearest wake up time will be set. The wakeup
service will take care of
the way, the wakup time is set, UTC handling and so on, so that an
application simply has to
call something like "wakeup-at 2008-06-21T12:00".

> @Petter: If you want to improve the nvram-wakeup package, every help is
> welcome. If you want, i can add you to the VDR Team and give you svn
> commit rights!? :)

I also have commit access to the upstream repository at source forge. So
if you have any patches,
just email them to me, so I can commit them.

Your Patch for the Dell OptiPlex will be added soon - just haven't found
the time yet.


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