RFS: mumudvb (and team membership request)

Stéphane Glondu steph at glondu.net
Sat Jun 28 10:48:30 UTC 2008

Tobias Grimm wrote:
> Don't hesitate to ask any questions. If you're new to svn-buildpackage,
> you may send us the sources and we will do the initial check-in, if
> you like to.

I'm familiar with svn-buildpackage, since we are using it in

> If you're more comfortable with git, we need to create a git project
> first. I haven't tried git-buildpackage yet, but may be this is a good
> opportunity to try it out :-)

...but we are migrating to git, and I prefer it much better (BTW, here
is a suggestion...). It would be a shame to go from git to svn :-( So
I'd rather you asked for a git project so that I put mumudvb packaging
there. For a quick start, see:



Stéphane Glondu

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