Git Repository

Stéphane Glondu steph at
Sun Jun 29 14:31:23 UTC 2008

Tobias Grimm wrote:
> A git-repository is now available.
> [...]
> I've also created an empty mumudvb project:
>     ssh://<USER>

I've pushed my patches there. I've also setup commit notifications to
pkg-vdr-dvb-changes at Do we have a CIA project? I
didn't see any IRC channel for pkg-vdr-dvb...

> I haven't tried git-buildpackage yet, but AFAIK each package does
> require a separate git repository, does it?


> If this is the case, then this script can be used to create a new
> package repository:
>     ssh <user> /git/pkg-vdr-dvb/new-package

We could add to this script setup of commit notifications, couldn't we?
There are also notifications to package_cvs at which
could be useful (I haven't done it yet for mumudvb).



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