Git Repository

Stéphane Glondu steph at
Sun Jun 29 20:22:47 UTC 2008

Tobias Grimm wrote:
>> I guess they are just bounced or dropped. Do you think this is a proble=
> m?
> Bounced mails are never good. I suggest to add the bcc as soon as mumudvb=
> gets uploaded and becomes available in the PTS.

That's what I intend to do.

> PS: How about adding a get-orig-source-target to debian/rules, that gets
> an up-to-date tarball from ?

There has been no tarball on this website so far... there is only a git
repository (as I said in debian/watch). Of course, one could get a
.tar.gz by querying a snapshot on the gitweb interface, but I don't see
the point in doing this. I directly imported the upstream git into ours.
Should tarballs be released at some point, I intend to use pristine-tar.
Meanwhile, git-buildpackage should be able to generate an appropriate



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