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(new) vdr-dbg_1.6.0-1_i386.deb extra misc
Debuggable version of the VDR Video Disk Recorder
 This package installs an unoptimized vdr binary with debugging symbols as well
 as some helper scripts to debug VDR and its plugins.
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  to pool/main/v/vdr/vdr-plugin-examples_1.6.0-1_i386.deb
(new) vdr-plugin-pictures_1.6.0-1_i386.deb extra misc
Plugin for vdr providing a very basic picture viewer
 Video Disk Recorder (VDR) is a digital sat-receiver program using
 Linux and DVB technologies. It allows one to record MPEG2 streams,
 as well as output the stream to TV.
 This package contains the pictures-plugin, which provides a very
 basic picture viewer. It assumes, that the pictures are converted
 to MPEG frames.
 A separate tool called `pic2mpg' is provided to convert pictures.
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Changes: vdr (1.6.0-1) experimental; urgency=low
  [ Tobias Grimm]
  * New upstream release (closes: #467512)
  * Updated 03_cmdsubmenu.dpatch
  * Updated 09_sort_options.dpatch
  * Upgraded opt-20_liemikuutio.dpatch to version 1.19
  * Updated opt-31-x_reelchannelscan
  * Updated opt-37-x_menuorg.dpatch
  * Updated opt-38_disableDoubleEpgEntrys.dpatch, to avoid sprintf buffer
  * Updated opt-41-x_timer-info.dpatch
  * Updated opt-43-x_recordshowfree.dpatch
  * Updated opt-47_sourcecaps
  * Updated opt-48-x_pin.dpatch
  * Applied modification from Michaël Nival to opt-45_yaepg.dpatch that fixes a
    small bug
  * Removed opt-36_CutterQueue.dpatch
  * Removed opt-36_CutterQueue-AutoDelete.dpatch
  * Removed opt-46_dmh-dvd-archive.dpatch
  * Removed opt-46_dvdarchive.dpatch
  * Removed opt-46-x_dmh-dvd-archive-debian.dpatch
  * Removed opt-49_sharelnb.dpatch
  * Adapted 15_dvbplayer.dpatch
  * Added 01_pic2mpg-debian.dpatch
  * Added 99_ncursesw-include.dpatch
  * Added opt-49-x_pvrinput.dpatch
  * Added opt_40-iptv.dpatch
  * Added latest version of pin patch opt-48_pin-0.1.7.dpatch
  * Added installation of the pictures plug-in
  * Line-wrapped dependencies in debian/control
  * COMPAT=5, debhelper (>= 5)
  * Made debianize-vdrplugin create cdbs based plugin packages
  * Using empty directory /usr/lib/vdr/plugins again and adding lintian
    override for "package-contains-empty-directory" warning - VDR
    requires the plugin directory!
  * Added short description to the NAME section of the manpages to fix the
    Lintian manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry warning
  * Removed upgrade code for VDR 1.2.6 from postinst
  * Added some lines of documentation to README.Debian, explaining that
    plug-ins manually copied to /usr/lib/vdr/plugins will only be loaded
    when PLUGIN_CHECK_PATCHLEVEL=no (closes: #426921)
  * Added manpages for vdr-dbg, debugvdr, vdrleaktest, vdrdbg-buildpackage
    and pic2mpg
  * Added support for VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE=<CHARSET> in /etc/default/vdr
  * Made vdrleaktest and debugvdr explicitly using bash, because
    commands-loader.sh and plugin-loader.sh contain bashisms
  * Instead of setting VFAT=1 at compile time, introduced a new
    configuration option in /etc/defautl/vdr (using VDR's
    --vfat option), so that the VFAT support can be disabled
  [ Thomas Günther ]
  * Adapted 04_newplugin.dpatch
  * Adapted 10_dd-record-option.dpatch
  * Adapted opt-24_jumpplay.dpatch
  * Adapted opt-28_audioindexer.dpatch
  * Updated opt-39_noepg.dpatch
  * Updated opt-44_rotor.dpatch
  * Adapted opt-45_yaepg.dpatch
  * Adapted opt-50_graphtft.dpatch
  * Adapted opt-50_graphtft-0.1.dpatch
  * Adapted opt-51_cuttime.dpatch
  * Removed 02_Makefile-CFGDIR.dpatch
  * Removed 17_epg-conv-iso6937.dpatch
  * Removed opt-27-x_subtitles-ttxtsubs-volumebar-fix.dpatch (now
    integrated in opt-27_subtitles-ttxtsubs.dpatch)
  * Removed opt-40_wareagle-icons.dpatch
  * Added opt-29_syncearly.dpatch and opt-29_syncearly-audioindexer.dpatch
  * Added opt-48_pin-submenu.dpatch
  * Added opt-50_graphtft-0.1.dpatch
  * Replaced opt-27_subtitles-ttxtsubs.dpatch with opt-27_ttxtsubs.dpatch -
    subtitles support now integrated in upstream (closes: #352442)
  * Added gettext to Build-Depends
  * Added libfreetype6-dev and libfontconfig-dev to Build-Depends
  * Replaced libncurses5-dev with libncursesw5-dev in Build-Depends
  * Added ttf-bitstream-vera | ttf-freefont to vdr Recommends
  * Added URL for developer version to debian/watch
  * Upgraded make-special-vdr.sh to version 0.7
  [ Thomas Schmidt ]
  * Added vdr-dbg-package + scripts vdrleaktest, debugvdr and
    vdrdbg-buildpackage from Tobias repository
  * Updated debian/copyright
  * Changed config-loader.sh to get default $LANG from /etc/environment
  * Updated years in debian/copyright

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